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Here at sell puppy, we help buyers to find pets sellers. At the same time puppy sellers can make money from selling their puppy. However, buyers are mostly looking for people who have better reputation. So, if you own pets and your reputation is good, then puppies for sale is for you.

The services offered in this site are 100% free. We are here to help you to find what you are looking for. Nonetheless, sellers can expect anywhere from few dollars to thousands dollars by selling their puppies. This absolutely depends on the breed you have.

Last not least, sellers should do the posting and buyers can search through the pages to find them. Therefore, we recommend that sellers to be as details as possible in order to get the best money for their pets. buyers are always looking for more information about the owner and type of the breed they have. Even if you can write as much as an hundred words, go for it. You get much better chances of getting your pet sold.